Predicting climate risks
Empowering resilience

Climate change is here, disrupting industries and societies worldwide. Traditional risk prediction methods no longer suffice in the face of rapidly intensifying weather events.

Actionnable insights
for businesses

Our predictions equip decision-makers with critical data, informing decisions with relevant and unique insights.

Try our solution to enhance operational resilience and strategic planning, support sustainability across sectors from agriculture to energy.

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Harnessing AI
for Climate Prediction

At Tellus AI, we offer an innovative service, merging advanced AI with physical models to predict climate risks with unprecedented accuracy.

We focus on sub-seasonnal to multi-annual  high-resolution forecasts, delivering predictions of water-related risks: droughts,  heat-waves, floods, wildfires and groundwater depletion.

Tellus AI stands out with our unique focus on forecasting climate risks from a few weeks to a few years, bridging a crucial gap in the market.

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Cutting-edge technology

Led by Columbia University Professor Pierre Gentine and Climate Tech entrepreneur Léo Lemordant, Tellus AI is at the forefront of climate change modeling.

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Our commitments

We're here to bridge the climate prediction gap and ensure that businesses and societies are equipped to thrive despite a changing climate.

Our commitment goes beyond predictions; we're committed to fostering a culture of proactive decision-making, resilience, and sustainability, leveraging innovation and technology.

Together, let's navigate the future with confidence.

Welcome to Tellus AI, where we're predicting risks to empower resilience.

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